Big Star’s breeder Cees Klaver: ‘Big Star has always had his eyes on the fence’

Tomorrow evening at 20:00 hours o’clock the auction of the embryo by Aganix du Seigneur out of the full-sister of Big Star comes to a close at Cees Klaver, breeder of this embryo and Big Star, emphasizes what a unique opportunity this is: “A horse cannot achieve anything more than Big Star has done in the last couple of years. In addition, his pedigree and damline is excellent in all ways. The dam of this embryo Telysette jumped herself fantastic as well!”

Aganix du Seigneur, the sire of this embryo, is known as one of the new foundation sires of showjumping and with Quick Star, Nimmerdor, Ramiro and Erdball xx all in a row the pedigree of this embryo is truly exceptional. Dam Telysette is not only the full-sister to Big Star, but performed herself in showjumping as well. “Telysette was a typical daughter of Quick Star; she really wanted to work and jumped with a lot of quality and power! But Telysette is a very big Quick Star, standing at 1.67m. Granddam Jolanda was a big mare herself as well and looked a lot like her grandsire Ramiro. With her size and conformation, she really suited the smaller stallion Quick Star, and Big Star and Telysette have proved it all”, Cees Klaver explains.

From the first jump Big Star made, Cees Klaver knew he had a showjumping phenomenon in his stables. “Big Star always has his focus on jumping, he always watches the rails. The first times I saw him jumping loose, he was exceptional straightaway. I always awarded him with an A+ for jumping! In addition, he has a true lion’s heart and always wants to jump the fence”, Klaver tells about Big Star. Being the invidual Olympic Champion of Rio de Janeiro, the team Olympic Champion of London and a winner of the Grand Prix of Aachen, Big Star truly is one of the legends of showjumping. “Big Star simply does not even come near the fences. Nick Skelton once told me that Big Star as an 8-year-old, when he produced him from 1.40m level to 1.50m level, did not knock down a fence in one-and-a-half year! Not in the ring, not at the warm-up and not even at home! I have never heard a horse doing something like that, Big Star has always been a very, very special jumper!”

This Sunday the 4th of August at 20:00 hours o’clock, the auction of the Aganix du Seigneur-embryo out of the full-sister of Big Star will close at Don’t hesitate and take this unique opportunity!