Buying a foal at the auction

When you are interested in a foal and want to bid during the Foal auction  Prinsjesdag you can just raise your hand at the bid you want to make. If you have the last bid one of our hostesses will come to you and you need to sign the purchase contract. After the auction (or during) you need to go to the office where the payment of the foal will be discussed.

Buying a foal by Online bidding

Since 2018 it is possible to buy a foal at our auction through online bidding.
If you follow the link to online bidding you can find the information and details about online bidding.
If you already have an account please login here, or if you don’t have an account you can register here

Buying a foal by phone

It is also possible to buy a foal by phone. A few days before the auction starts we need to know in which foals you are interested. At the day of the auction one of the employees from Foal auction Prinsjesdag will contact you to discuss the foals again. During the auction we will call you at the moment the foal is on auction and can make the bid for you.

Commission fee 9,5% (excl. VAT)

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September 17 & 18, 2019