This week at the auction is started of the embryo of Mylord Carthago out of Tsarina de la Loge, the full sister of Quod’Coeur de la Loge. The reason that its auction is extended is the fact that Quod’Coeur is starting in the European Showjumping Championships at Aachen next week under his rider Roger-Yves Bost under the French flag.


The initiators of consider this extension a proper way to connect with actual events: ‘Originally, the auction would close Sunday 16 August. But one of our foremost desires is to emphasize the connection with the top sport. After all, it is unique to be able to buy an embryo out of a full sister of a horse that is starting in the EC next week. When Quod’Coeur will really start and show what sort of thing he can do, this will be telling for the vallue of the embryo we are selling. That is why we offer interested people a chance to watch the EC.’

The embryo is a combination of excellent sport genes from Holstein and France via Mylord Carthago and the full sister of the Grand Prix showjumping horse Quod ’Coeur de la Loge, which in the first half of this year already won three 1.50/1.55m classes in Madrid, Amsterdam and Rotterdam under Roger-Yves Bost.

The sister concerned is called Tsarina de la Loge and she is by Ideal de la Loge, the stallion on which ‘Bosty’ won numerous GPs and started in the EC in Windsor in 2009. Tsarina herself was placed at 1.20m level. Her dam Fana de la Loge (Tenor de la Cour) is a half-sister to the 1.60m level showjumping horse Lolita de la Loge, the internationally placed Canasta de la Loge and the licensed stallions Messire de la Loge and Heureka de la Loge.

The Olympic stallion Mylord Carthago comes out of one of the best showjumping families of France and proved his inborn talent also at the highest level in showjumping under Penelope Leprevost.

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