“As a foal, Brittsion already showed fantastic movements with her forelegs.”

Breeder: Dirk van der Oord

1. What was Brittsion like as a foal?
“Brittsion was a very beautiful filly, she could move well and had a good character. She was champion of the Hoofddorp selection and many people would stop to see her go. Especially the way she moved here forelegs was very special. She got this from her dam, for I also see it in her brothers and sisters.”

2. What is her dam like?
“Her dam Unassion (Krack C x Jazz) was very successful at various selections. As a filly she was Dutch reserve champion and as a 3-yr-old she finished in third place. Because she carries both Krack and Jazz blood, we went to Schockemöhle in Germany at the time to look for a stallion and we chose Sir Donnerhall. That combination worked out fine in Brittsion and I used that stallion three more times. Unassion is now a 16-yr-old, is elite-, preferent- and prestatie-awarded and in foal for the 14th time. This year we will take a Totilas foal of hers to the national selection. Besides Brittsion, she has two more offspring performing in the Small Tour, namely Ambission (by Sunny Boy) and Catosion (by Sir Donnerhall). By now we are already breeding with the sixth generation of horses from this line and all their names end in -sion. Brittsion is named after my wife Britt, her sister Catosion after my daughter Cato and former’s brother after my son Kas.”

3. What happened at the auction at the time?
“It was exciting. Friends of ours also wanted to buy her, but eventually the bidding exceeded their limit. Dirk Kat, the buyer, also knew the dam of Brittsion very well.”

4. Do you still keep an eye on Brittsion?
“Of course, I follow everything on the internet and occasionally visit Derk Schekkerman or one of the show in which she starts. I watched the international Juniors competitions all via live-stream.”

5. Why did you go to Prinsjesdag Foal Auction?
“As a member of the breeding and study club in the north of Holland, at the time I was involved with the start of Prinsjesdag Foal Auction, so I have a tie with this auction. Two years ago, a full brother of Brittsion, Kassion, was also auctioned here. I also had a number of foals auctioned in Borculo and Dronten. I have pleasant memories of Prinsjesdag Foal Auction. When a breeder has a good foal, I always advise them to go to Prinsjesdag Foal Auction, although everyone must make his own choice, of course.”

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