“Arc de Triomphe was the best foal!”

Buyer and owner: Jan Schuttert

1. Why did Arc de Triomphe appeal to you at the auction?

“I believed that Arc de Triomphe was the best foal in that year’s auction. He had quality and he was a product from the good line of the Van Straaten family.”

2. How was it to rear and train Arc de Triomphe?

“We reared and trained him ourselves. Without any problem. No matter how good a foal is where conformation or ancestry are concerned, the training will decide whether the horse will become a good one, or not. “

3. Did Arc de Triomphe live up to your expectations?

“Arc de Triomphe has more than met my expectations. He has a superb jumping technique with an excellent use of the forelegs. Then he is reliable, his attitude and health are perfect. He was both the 6- and 7-yr-old Dutch showjumping champion. And now also at international level he is performing very well under my son Frank. They won many ranking classes that count for the world ranking.”

4. Do you have a special tie with Arc de Triomphe?

“Of course, Arc has already been with us for twelve years. He is a very sweet and easy horse to handle”. What do other people say about Arc de Triomphe? “Other people are happy for us that we managed to buy him as a foal and that he turned into such a good international top-class showjumping horse.”

5. Was the bidding for him exciting at the time?

“You always select the foals that you like beforehand, It is exciting to find out if you can manage to get one of these nominated foals within the budget you have set.” Why would you advise people to buy a foal at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag? Why would you rather buy a foal than a 3- or 4-yr-old? “There is a lot of choice at the Prinsjesdag auction and the foals have a sound pedigree. It would not be a bad idea to organise an auction for 3-yr-olds.”

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