“Arc and I grew up together, it makes it very special that I have already had him as a foal.”

Rider: Frank Schuttert

1. What makes Arc de Triomphe so special to you?

“Arc de Triomphe is very special to me because we have had him since he was a foal. When I was just sixteen years of age I started to ride Arc, who was then a 5-yr-old. In fact, we grew up together. Arc is tall, standing 1.75m and it took a while before he, as a youngster, was ‘ready’. Even so, we were soon successful. We won the Vion Cup both in the category for 6- and 7-yr-olds and later also had several international successes. I am very happy with him.”

2. What was your finest moment with Arc de Triomphe so far?

“Our winning the Dutch championships both in the 6- and 7-yr-olds. One of the moments I will never forget was when we won the 1.50m in Maastricht in 2014. That was great, it was on the Saturday-night and the stands were packed. It is a super feeling to win as a Dutchman in the Netherlands with a very fast jump-off. Also our victory in the 1.50m in Münster and our second place in the CSI3* in Varberg, Sweden, were moments never to forget! “ How is Arc de Triomphe to handle? “Arc de Triomphe is a very easy horse. He is very quiet and sweet in the stables.”

3. How is he to ride?

“He is an uncomplicated horse to ride. I do not jump him a lot at home. He has plenty of experience and knows how to play the game. I often take him out in the forest. At shows, I ride him in the morning for relaxation and in such a show week I try to have him at his peak at the right moment. Sometimes I manage to do that, sometimes not.”

4. What are your plans for Arc de Triomphe?

“Arc has been of great value to me at international level and he still is. He is now a 12-yr-old and I hope that he will keep it up for a while longer. The 9-yr-old Chianti’s Champion is currently in the process of becoming my best horse, but at this level you really need more than one horse. Arc de Triomphe and Winchester are still going strong at the highest level.” Why would you advise people to buy a foal at the Prinsjesdag auction? “The organisation of the Prinsjesdag auction is highly professional and has a fine reputation. They offer very well-bred foals, many of which have since proved themselves at the highest level.”

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