Anemone Horsetrucks shares the passion with Foal Auction Prinsjesdag

Over the years Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has not only built up a large network of buyers and breeders, but also entered into a fruitful alliance with a select group of business partners. One of the partners of the very first hour is Anemone Horse Trucks. This company uses the exact same standard as the auction, and quality and passion are paramount.

Since 1996, the company of Bert and Stefan van Kooten has been supplying horse cars to quality conscious customers at home and abroad. The Anemone Horse Trucks have become a household name and the company guarantees quality and service of the highest level. “We aim exactly the same as Foal Auction Prinsjesdag. And we also do everything we can to optimally satisfy every customer”, explains Bert van Kooten.

First Prinsjesdag partner

Since the auction moved from Middenbeemster to Ermelo, Anemone Horse Trucks is represented every year with trucks, a stand and delegation. “In the early years we were involved in the auction to provide extra decoration, and later this was further expanded. It started with the installation of a few cars and plants, and the last years were are represent in every way at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag. We want to contribute to the ‘wow feeling’ that you want to give to people at the auction, and as the first partner we are involved in this auction.” It is a collaboration that runs like two hands on one belly. “Foal Auction Prinsjesdag and Anemone Horse Trucks have many similarities, and everything is done from passion and striving for the highest possible. The auction also really stands out in my opinion. No concessions are made and the organization does everything it can to satisfy every customer. That is a very strong formula, rewarded with great auction results. As a partner we like to connect our name to such an auction, and the 11th and 12th of September are already circled in red on our agenda. Because apart from a high-quality auction, it has also a great atmosphere”, laughs Van Kooten.

Family Van der Linde and their new Anemone truck.