“Alicante is agile, careful and quite handsome to boot. He really has everything!”

Rider: Jérôme Guéry

1. What makes Alicante so special to you?
“Alicante is a horse of all trades. He is very pleasant to ride and is a good breeding stallion. He is careful, agile and, in addition, quite handsome. He has it all! “

2. How does Alicante behave?  What is he like to ride?
“He has a great character and is easy to ride. He is very flexible and jumps carefully. My dressage instructor is also over the moon with him. In the stables he sometimes likes to show that he is a stallion, but as soon as we are out riding, he listens very well and we can easily ride past some mares without him even flinching.”

3. What is Alicante like in his stable?
“Ali, that is his nickname, is a real character and loves to get attention. That is why we sometimes call him Prince Ali. He has a special stall in the corner, which gives him a view to whatever happens both inside and outside. When you walk by his stable and forget to look at him, he will remind you with a polite knock on the door.”

4. What was your finest moment with Alicante so far?
“Our victory at the Sires of the World in Lanaken was a very special. And, of course, us winning the Global Champions Tour in Chantilly was an amazing experience. Monaco was a great moment as well, when we came so close to victory!”

5. What is next for you and Alicante?
“In the next month and a half we will mostly focus on breeding. Then we will prepare for the Global Champions Tour competitions. I hope to reach a spot in the top three. Alicante is one of my top-horses, perhaps this summer we get selected for the Belgian team to take part in the European Championships.”

6. Would you advise people to buy a foal in an auction? Or would you recommend they buy a 3- or 4-yr-old?
“At an auction, you know that the foals have quality and an interesting pedigree. But it does take a long time before a foal is ready for the sport. As a rider, I prefer to buy 3- or 4-yr-olds. My wife, however, loves to buy foals at auctions. In other words, yes, we do buy foals at auctions!

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