Linda Mailly says goodbye

For no less than 10 auctions, Linda Mailly worked for our annual event and for the last several years has been the point of contact for buyers and sellers. During her first auction in 2012 (heavily pregnant with Lara, who would be born just a few weeks later) she worked as an employee of EQ International. Linda: “At that time I was actually already on maternity leave but EQ asked me to take care of the finances for the auction night. As of 2018, the auction was organized from within the foundation and my role increased.” The work is spread throughout the year with multiple auctions, but for Linda the auction nights during the hybrid auctions in September were the highlight: “When the auction runs smoothly, buyer and seller are satisfied, that is the reward for the work.”

Asked about the reason for quitting after so many years, Linda says she wants to free up more time for her family: “Summer is the busiest period with the auction coming up and I found that it was sometimes hard for me to combine with my family. The auction needs someone who always goes for the best, in service and organization, I have always done my best for that as well and it should remain that way.”
On behalf of everyone associated with the auction, we want to say a huge thank you to Linda for her tireless efforts and good work over the past few years. We will miss you!
Annemijn Gaalman is already known to the buyers and sellers and will continue to be the point of contact for this as well. She is happy to assist you and can be reached at 035-2053035 or via