25th anniversary for Foal Auction Prinsjesdag

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Piet Meinen: “The auction in the German Vechta was my big example. I myself was the auctioneer for ten years and really I enjoyed it. The ambiance is very important. You have to draw the publics attention to the ring, otherwise people will talk to each other instead of placing their bids.”

Elite auction

Gerrit Deen, chairman from 1993 to 1998, wanted to give breeders from Noord-Holland and the rest of the Netherlands a stand. Prinsjesdag had to be an elite auction. “I never doubted if it would succeed, we went for it! At first, we didn’t have a real strategy, and the first few years we had to put a lot of our own money in it. But we didn’t want to give up until we were the best auction of the Netherlands! “Herman Verhagen followed Gerrit Deen up and was chair until 2014. Under his leadership The motto ‘The Power of Performance’ was introduced in 2002. “Beautiful foals with good bloodlines didn’t make it true the selection just like that. We wanted foals from mare lines with demonstrable sports performances. The Prinsjesdag Foal Auction has been expanding in offering foals from the best lines, both nationally and internationally.”

Ingredients for success

The auction continued to innovate and in 2015 the first embryo was auctioned online. Arjan van der Waaij is the current foreman of the auction. “We can’t guarantee you buy a top sport horse, but all the ingredients for success are there. Over the years, many of our auctioned foals have already been achieving on top level. We saw them at Olympic Games, European Championships and in the Global Champions Tour. In the future we will keep renewing, we will follow the market, without any boundaries! ”

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